World Association of Creativity

세계창의력협회는 ?

세계 최고의 창의력 프로그램을 개발하고 보급하는,  

WAC(미국 뉴저지 소재)는 세계적 석학들이 참여하고 있는 비영리 공인 국제기구입니다!

​​우리의 조직은 CREDECA Education Program을 

한국학생창의력올림픽, 발명창의력10종경기,골드버그머신창작대뢰, 창의력10종경기 세계대회, AI코딩올림피아드에 지원하고 있습니다.

Our association is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to creativity education.

Founded in 2001, World Association of Creativity (WAC) is an organization founded on the premise that there is a creativity program designed to foster global talents that will lead the future. Since its inception, WAC network has expanded to other international countries. 


WAC has conducted extensive research on the educational changes that the future will bring and how we should prepare ourselves for them. Our studies have led to the conclusion that today's education should be paired with other driven programs that are more expansive and proactive, aligning themselves with the multi- faceted needs of future, global, and interconnected society. 

Led by world-renowned scholars and specialists who share in our cause, participants learn about creativity, teamwork, living as part of a community, and networking in a hands-on manner style.

Our goal is to help students who participate in our program to master the process of becoming global citizens and acquire the necessary skills on their own, ultimately ensuring that they all lead happy lives.

어떤 사람이 되고 싶은가요?
CREDECA에 참여하세요!
여러분은 이제 창의융합인재입니다!!

2022 CREDECA World Finals!!

       -  International Creativity Competition - 

    Dates: August  2 (9:00AM) - August 5 (4:00PM)

CREDECA World Finals 한국대표 자격은 아래 대회에서 동상이상을 수상하여야 합니다.

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